RF Works:
RF Works:
  • BTS Equipment installation (BTS Racks, Rectifiers, Batteries, Alarm Systems, Air Conditioning, AC & DC Power and battery backup systems)
  • Container Installations and Reticulation
  • BOS Brick Room Reticulation
  • Mini cage installations
  • Commissioning BTS, power, microwave and RF equipment
  • GSM RF antennae installations (Macro cell, Micro cell and Cell-extender antennae systems)
  • Microwave installations: Point to Point and Point to Multi Point (Grintek)
  • RF and MW preventative and corrective maintenance
  • DAS installations
  • Mobile Site Deployment
  • Currently rated as a Class A preferred supplier for Huawei.
Civil Works:
Civil Works:
  • Greenfield Sites, Roof Tops and Shared Sites (incl AC Applications and Installations) :
  • Concrete plinth construction to accommodate mini cage & container installations, trenchwork & excavation and heavy duty cable tray installations
  • All electrical and transmission requirements
  • Cable tray & gantry construction
  • Vandalized Site Security Solutions : Preventative and Corrective
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