CELLROY SA are involved in and can provide TURNKEY SERVICES AND INSTALLATIONS for example: 

  • Civil Construction Services : Greenfield Sites, Shared Sites, Roof Tops (incl AC Applications and Installations), 
  • RF & MW installations and maintenance (incl AC Installations and Maintenance),
  • Container installations,
  • Mini cage installations,
  • BTS installations,
  • Commissioning and maintenance of radio and telecommunication networks ie: Vodacom GSM900,1800,3G, LTE rollout. Telkom Mobile 2G,
  • 3G, LTE roll-out & Cell C 2G, 3G roll-out.

CELLROY SA has over 15 years of experience in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of cellular related equipment since the inception of the GSM network in South Africa.

CELLROY SA have at their immediate disposal ten fully equipped teams complete with 4x4 & 4x2 vehicles, test equipment, hoisting and safety equipment, tools and custom built trailers for transporting drums of feeder cable, electrical and cooling equipment for installation and maintenance purposes. CELLROY SA also has an experienced and fully equipped cell extender team.

CELLROY SA staff have experience in the handling, hoisting and routing of 1/2",7/8" and 1 & 5/8" RF-feeder cables, as well as the assembly of various cellular panels, omni directional antennae and all associated antenna mounting brackets on various lattice and tubular structures, building rooftops, silos and concrete MW towers. These include the connectorization, earthing, test & power measurements of RF antennae & BTS equipment. We also have vast experience in the installation of Micro cell, mini cage installations, cell-extenders.

CELLROY SA also provide the following civil works experience regarding the following working skills: Concrete plinth construction to accommodate mini cage & container installations, trenchwork & excavation and heavy duty cable tray installations. 

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