CELLROY South Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a Cellroy SA is a South African Company, which was established in 1997 in Pretoria, and has provided its clients with unmatched professional service excellence, through superior installations, maintenance and commissioning teams for the MW, GSM & Radio and Telecommunication Market.
Experience, staff expertise, know-how and references
RF Works:
  • BTS Equipment installation (BTS Racks, Rectifiers, Batteries, Alarm Systems, Air Conditioning, AC & DC Power and battery backup systems)
  • Container Installations and Reticulation
  • BOS Brick Room Reticulation
  • Mini cage installations
  • Commissioning BTS, power, microwave and RF equipment
  • GSM RF antennae installations (Macro cell, Micro cell and Cell-extender antennae systems)
  • Microwave installations: Point to Point and Point to Multi Point (Grintek)
  • RF and MW preventative and corrective maintenance
  • DAS installations
  • Mobile Site Deployment
  • Currently rated as a Class A preferred supplier for Huawei.
Civil Works:
  • Greenfield Sites, Roof Tops and Shared Sites (incl AC Applications and Installations) :
  • Concrete plinth construction to accommodate mini cage & container installations, trenchwork & excavation and heavy duty cable tray installations
  • All electrical and transmission requirements
  • Cable tray & gantry construction
  • Vandalized Site Security Solutions : Preventative and Corrective
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